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HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream
HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream
HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream
HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream

HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream

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  • 1% Bakuchiol (Bio Retinol) firms, brightens, & boosts collagen production
  • 2% Niacinamide minimises pores, diminishes fine lines, & improves tone
  • 200mg Hyaluronic Acid boosted by Phyto Glycogen plumps, boosts radiance, and gives all day hydration
  • 1% Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, brightens, & fights free radical damage
  • Blend of 7 soothing, nutrient dense hydrating oils
  • Safe & effective for use around the eyes and lips
  • Suitable for all skin types

This natural anti ageing cream packs a real punch. It's densely packed with actives to increase collagen production, reduce pores, and minimise fine lines and wrinkles while improving tone, elasticity, and luminosity.

Bakuchiol (Bio Retinol) is clinically proven to work as well as synthetic retinol, but is gentler on your skin and does not cause photosensitivity. Hyaluronic acid paired with Glycogen and Panthenol offers intense, all day hydration and instant toning.

This ultra-luxe cream rapidly sinks in to immediately hydrate, plump and brighten the skin. Within days, you will notice the texture and tone of your skin becoming smoother and firmer with reduced lines and pigmentation. As it takes retinol a few months to really do its job, your skin will only improve with continued use. 

We have paired this cream with skin loving ylang ylang, sweet orange, and vetiver for a sweet orchid scent with a little spice.

Absolutely no fillers or synthetic fragrance

Why we love it

Bakuchiol -the only Bio Retinol. Stimulates rapid collagen production, penetrates the skin to tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Has none of the sensitivity issues posed by synthetic retinols.

Hyaluronic Acid -plumps the skin, reducing lines & wrinkles. Intensely hydrating, encourages rapid cellular renewal.

Niacinamide -minimises pores, evens and brightens skin tone. Helps prevent and diminish the effect of environmental damage as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C -powerful anti-oxidant protects your skin from environmental damage while also evening skin tone, firming skin, & diminishing lines.

Phyto Glycogen -smoothes skin's texture, visibly reducing the appearance of lines. More than triples the efficacy of hyaluronic acid.

Sea Buckthorn -anti-inflammatory, promotes cellular regeneration, improves tone and hydration.

Meadowfoam -soothes inflammation, full of antioxidants, deeply penetrates the dermis and locks in moisture.

Green Coffee Bean -reduces free radical damage, moisturising, anti-inflammatory, stimulates detoxification and smoothes the skin.

Raspberry Seed -repairs environmental damage (including from the sun), reduces TEWL, soothing, and highly moisturising.

Strawberry Seed -prevents collagen breakdown and stimulates production, improves elasticity and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Tea Camillia (Tsubaki) -rapidly absorbed, penetrates deeply to stimulate cellular renewal. Contains anti ageing antioxidants and is an excellent emollient.

Allantoin -a calming karolytic, softens keratin to promote rapid healing and binding of moisture.

Panthenol -highly moisturising and instantly penetrates the skin to prevent TEWL.  Promotes healing.


Apply a pea size amount to clean skin 3 times a week, working up to once daily if you'd like. Those with sensitive skin should avoid using immediately after exfoliation (keep these steps to opposing days). Follow with your usual moisturiser.



1. Quickly wash off the night using a Cleansing Bar and cool water.

2. Tone with a few drops of Cactus & Rosewater Prebiotic Tonic.

3. Apply HA+Rosehip & Centella Day Cream to face, neck, and chest.

4. Apply SPF of choice (for best results, never use a combination moisturiser and SPF. The ingredients do not combine and they should be kept seperate) followed by makeup, if any.


1. Splash cool water over face & massage in Enzymatic Cleansing Balm for 90 seconds before rinsing clean with cool water. I use this as my only cleanse but if you want to you can follow with a Cleansing Bar.

2. Three nights a week (you can work up to every other night as we do), exfoliate with AHA+BHA Mask & Polish for 90 seconds.

3. Pat face dry and apply a HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream three nights a week (alternating with our Polish) and up to nightly. This can be used to spot treat the area around the eyes and lips or do as we do and use it over face, neck, and chest.

4. Apply a few drops of Rosehip & Centella Face Serum to face, neck, and chest and wake up to a gorgeous glow.


We prefer to invest in high quality ingredients, not packaging. HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream comes in a glass vial with a reusable plastic pump top or you can choose an aluminium cap. There is no outer box as while we appreciate this looks lovely, it will at best go straight to recycling and therefore we deem it unnecessary.


aqua, rosa damascena flower water, camellia sinensis leaf extract (Green Tea), propanediol, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil, fragaria ananassa (strawberry) seed oil, rubus idaeus (raspberry) seed oil, hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) fruit oil, cetearyl olivate & sorbitan olivate (olive derived), coffea arabica (coffee) oil, bakuchiol, l-ascorbic acid, dehydroacetic acid & benzyl acid, allantoin, glycogen, hyaluronic acid, *cananga odorata (ylang ylang) flower oil, *citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, *vetiveria zizanoides root oil, *linalool, geraniol, d-limonene naturally occurring

Why We Love It

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