All of our product's ingredients are listed in full online. We try to keep common allergens to an absolute minimum and where used, you will find these ingredients listed in bold.

We do occasionally update formulations, so if you have allergies please be sure to check the ingredients prior to purchase.

If you find a product you would love to have but cannot use due to an ingredient, please contact us on as we may be able to make you a custom formulation without that ingredient at no additional cost though a minimum order may apply.


Discounts must be entered at checkout. If you are expecting an automatic discount and do not see it, please email us and we will look into this for you. We are unable to issue discounts retroactively so please ensure your code or automatic discount including free shipping has been deducted before completing your purchase.

Offers cannot be combined. Any additional discount will have to be used on a seperate occasion.

Do you use Palm Oil?

Absolutely not! While other formulators might claim otherwise, there is no such thing as sustainable palm oil and the use of "sustainable" certifications such as RSPO has simply lead to greater deforestation and the expansion of plantations that are driving oragutans closer to extinction.

Thunderbird Skin shuns palm oil in all its forms and will never try to "PR" you with "we're working with our suppliers to change this." Does this cost us more? Absolutely. But its worth it.

Do you offer samples?

Absolutely! Trial sizes of almost all our products are available to purchase here.

These are provided as either 5 or 10mls in a reusable and recyclable aluminium tin. Instructions for use can be found on each product's page.

My Trial Size's lid is stuck!

The lids on our 10ml containers can occasionally lock. Simply wrap the tin on its side against a flat surface and this will release the seal.

Do not attempt to use heat as this can ruin the natural product contained in the tin.

My product hasn't arrived yet

While most of Royal Mail's services have returned to normal, they are still experiencing strain and some delays are to be expected so please do not panic if your parcel is taking longer than you'd hoped.

Standard Second Class parcels are not tracked and we cannot trace them on your behalf until 13 business days have passed since dispatch. If your parcel is time sensitive, please choose to upgrade to a tracked option.

If you feel your parcel is taking longer than expected, please wait until the requisite business days have passed since dispatch before contacting us on and we will be happy to look into this for you. Please note that we are unable to make a claim with Royal Mail on your behalf and issue a replacement until this time frame has been passed as we have to adhere to Royal Mail's processes.

Please keep in mind that we are a small team and fraudulent claims for products not received can really hurt us. Plus, we can always see when even a non tracked item has been delivered (kindly GPS scanned to your door by Royal Mail).

My product looks different?

At Thunderbird Skin, we use no plasticisers, synthetic stabilisers, colourants, or masking fragrances.

As each of our products is 100% natural, there can be slight variations in texture, colour, and occasionally scent from batch to batch. Just as no two apples are the same, our oils, butters, clays and botanical extracts have slight differences in each certified container we receive.

Do you use parfum/fragrance?

We use no masking or synthetic fragrances in any of our products as these are some of the most common skin irritants and sensitisers.

My product was damaged in the post

We are so sorry to hear that! Please contact our customer service on so that we can file a claim with Royal Mail on your behalf and issue your replacement. Please include clear photos documenting the damage, including the packaging. We are unable to process a claim and issue a replacement without this documentation.

Do you deliver where I live?

Absolutely! We deliver worldwide.

Can I return my item?

We're sorry to hear your purchase isn't working out! You can read all about our Returns Policy here. Provided your item is still in a new, unused condition, you can absolutely return it within 14 days of purchase.

If you have particularly sensitive skin and are worried whether or not a product might work or if it suits your personal taste, please order a Trial Size in the first instance which comes with free shipping and a code for 20% off your next full size purchase!