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Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Chad Hearne (Halesowen, GB)
Extreme urticaria

Having seen this product on Facebook,I decided to give it a try.I suffer from extreme urticaria,which is basically I have allergic reactions to all sorts of foods,shampoo,dairy products,found the balm ok it helped with the constant flakey skin on my forehead, but didn't reduce the redness,I think if you have skin issues definitely give this a try,you might be surprised,overall 7/10 just doesn't suit my skin,but the wife loves it for her dry,split hands.


Bought this for my two-year-old great grandson who suffers badly from eczema especially on his face we are trying it out but two weeks is still no difference yet so keeping fingers crossed that it will work because we don’t want to use steroids on him

Made my skin dry and blotchy

Sadly this was harmful for my skin (made it dry, stinging and blotchy) and despite discussing options in good faith have refused to offer refund.BEWARE if this makes your skin *worse*, you will not get a refund. I would advise to steer clear.

We stand by our advice - Do not apply product to dirty skin. Washing with water alone isn't sufficient to cleanse your skin and will only lead to decongestion. Particularly when using natural, oil based products. Use a gentle soap or a cleansing balm daily before applying moisturisers.

Dried and damaged my skin

Bought and used in combination with the serum, unfortunately dried my skin out and caused blotchiness. Haven’t had sensitive skin before, BEWARE as they won’t give a refund if you have opened the product.

We stand by our advice - Do not apply product to dirty skin. Washing with water alone isn't sufficient to cleanse your skin and will only lead to decongestion. Particularly when using natural, oil based products. Use a gentle soap or a cleansing balm daily before applying moisturisers.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Lleander Wilkinson (Mansfield, GB)
She has her confidence back!

Bought for my daughter for her eczema and dermatitis. Her skin looks amazing within a few weeks. She’s had multiple prescriptions for various steroid creams but this has been life changing for her and without the side effects that comes with long term use of steroid creams. Thank you so much.

Rescue balm

Used to use a powder on my toes for athletes foot as one foot in particular was really itchy between the toes. After first use of this cream itch stopped. Easy to apply and a little goes a long way


I purchased the balm for my sister-in-law (suffers from chronic eczema, ver large red patch on leg) , she absolutely loves it, does not sting and took the itch away. She is very pleased. My niece loves this balm as well for the same reasons. I have even mentioned your product to other friends.


Was always an Estee Girl and nothing could come close, But yes this exceeded,
My skin (although on the older side) feels fresh after use, Recommend this product all day long

Cleansing Bar
penny wiltshire (Leicester, GB)
Cleansing Bar

I purchased this soap to cleanse my face as at the moment it is extremely dry especially around my forehead and hair line but unfortunately this leaves my skin in this area still very dry

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Ian Woolard (Edinburgh, GB)

It has stopped the flaking but doesn't stop the redness

Sample Gift Set
Kelly Mcclutchie (Auckland, NZ)

Didnt like the smell so never used it


Got this sample bundle for myself a couple of weeks ago. Still enjoying...a little goes a long way. I have aging but decent skin...try to care for it and use good natural products, which is why I was eager to try these. My very favorite is the yellow anti aging cream. Makes my skin look and feel younger and hydrated. But I liked the cleanser, polish, serum, creams...all work well! Glad I found you!

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Norma Bowman (Newtownards, GB)

Hi i just love thunderbird skin rescue balm . I have very itchy and painfull skin. Have been using this brilliant balm for about 3 weeks and although not completely cleared up . I see a big difference and no itching. Just love this rescue balm. Norma

Our Saviour!

My 2.5-year-old daughter is currently going through topical steroid withdrawal and this rescue balm is one of two moisturizers I can use on her hypersensitive skin. The other moisturizer is also a ThunderBirdSkin product, the Wild Crafted Repair Cream. Both bring relief from the insatiable itch and don’t have her screaming in pain upon application. I am so happy to have found ThunderBirdSkin and am so grateful
for their amazing customer service. The advice I’ve received has been priceless. Thank you for making our life 1000X more bearable during this rough time.

I have an oily - dry and acne prone skin. I use it once a day or every 2nd day. It moisturizes really well and helps protecting my skin in this cold weather. And it doesn't cause breakouts (at least for me). I use a gel to keep it balanced. Thunderbirdskin was really helpful. They also warned me, that this balm might be too heavy for acne prone skin.

Lovely product

This is the 2nd time I bought this product. It exfoliates nicely without scratching my skin.

Rescue Cream - weightless repair + hydration
Jane Pickering (Malmesbury, GB)
Rescue Cream

I just wanted to share with you the results of using Thunderbird Skin Rescue Cream. I had quite a traumatic finger injury in the summer (sliced off my nail, nail bed and a bit of finger using a mandolin 🥴) as a result my hands broke out in psoriasis. I’ve always had psoriasis but never on my hands and I was so embarrassed by them, not only were they hot and itchy but they looked awful too. I tried a steroid cream from my doctor but it made no difference and was oily and sticky. I saw your company on Instagram and thought I’d try it and I’m so glad I did! I love how it soaks in to my skin and as you can see the results have been fantastic, my hands are really soft and I love the really distinct smell of it. I’ve just ordered a second tin which bizarrely has just arrived whilst I’m writing this

Can’t comment as I purchased this for my son but as soon as I get some feedback I’ll review this

A good scalp treatment

A wonderful scalp treatment.
I can’t say that this is the best conditioner to make my hair easy to brush out, but I treat it as more of a scalp conditioner and with the use of the serum after towel drying then I can easily brush my hair through with little resistance.
It smells lovely and I’ve noticed such a big difference to my scalp and hair since using all three products.

A definite improvement

Having suffered from an itchy scalp the combination of shampoo, conditioner and serum has definitely made a huge difference.
This shampoo is easy to apply ( a little runny but easy to apply) builds up a super lather and smells great. Nothing not to like and I’ve noticed a difference within the first week.

Fabulous Serum

Absolutely love this serum, I’m using the shampoo and conditioner and with the addition of this serum my hair feels great. Less static, less itchy head and beautifully shiny hair. I only use a tiny amount each time after towel drying and expect it to last for quite a while.
Wonderful product.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Glenn Atkins (Morecambe, GB)
Intense Hydration

I have suffered with dry skin for a couple of years, tried all sorts to get on top of it with varied results. My other half read a review of this so thought it was a go.
All I'll say is it's miraculous, just over 10 days of use and skin near normal.
Highly recommended!

Excellent for mature skin

I've been using this for a couple of weeks and my skin is so soft, but not greasy. I absolutely love it

Good stuff

This product works really well , glad I saw it advertised.

The Glow Up Bundle
T.R. (Sylvan Lake, CA)
Life changing!

I love all the products in this bundle. I have been using natural skin care for years, my skin before using thunderbird was very dry, oily and breakout prone. I was hesitant to try a new brand with my skin being so sensitive but thought I’d give this “Glow” package a try. I was using a different natural brand before this one so my skin only went through maybe 3 days of a small detox/adjustment. I’ve been using it now for only two short weeks and no more dry itchy skin, leaves skin glowing and hardly any breakouts. I am so happy the wonders it has done to my skin and knowing I’m healing it naturally! The only downfall is them being a UK company and living in North America and having a longer shipping wait.

We're beyond happy to hear this! We're also thrilled to tell you that we've now partnered with DPD for all shipments (we're just as frustrated by both the US and UK's postal systems!). This means you get the freshest products possible direct from us with a shipping time of less than a week to North America x Susie & co