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This is not a quick fix, but with commitment and regular use, I have seen great improvement in 80% of my skin problem. The back of my hands is taking longer because of the frequent washing and sanitising we all have to do these days.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
denise marsh (Scunthorpe, GB)
Didn't help with my skin condition unfortunately

Not for me

Skin is improving!

When the rescue balm arrived I was skeptical, it just looked like blended mushrooms. My skin has much improved though and is much softer however I am still scratching at night but not as much as usual. I will persevere with it. I keep the tin in a drawer in a cool room as it seems to melt if not but you can put it in the fridge. As I said hoping that my perseverance will pay off......

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Carol Black (Birmingham, GB)

Absolutely brilliant

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Munchkin Stacey (Wolverhampton, GB)
Miracle Cream!

I bought this balm after seeing the amazing reviews. I didn't have high hopes as I've tried many different creams for my psoriasis which haven't worked.
Well this balm is a miracle!! I haven't even used it everyday and the difference in my psoriasis is huge! It's not sore and itchy anymore! Even the skin feels thinner! I've had the balm less than a month and the results are amazing!
I highly recommend this balm if you have psoriasis.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Customerpauline kitching (Pickering, GB)

Too early to tell will review later.


Melts into my skin.. using this followed by the pink clay soap.. my skin has never been better!! Thank you xx

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Valerie Morris (Trowbridge, GB)
Super Cream

I tried several creams, but nothing worked. This one worked almost straight away. I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing Val Morris

Just brilliant!

I don't normally write reviews, but this product definitely deserves one! I've had an intensely itchy rash on my arms for almost 3 years. My GP seems to have given up on it, and I've had lots of things prescribed, which haven't worked. I started with the Rescue Balm, then tried the Rescue Cream, as it's not so greasy. Both products eased my rash within a few days, and as long as I keep using it, the rash seems to stay away! This stuff should be available on prescription!!!

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Yvonne Macfarlane (Barrhead, GB)
It's keeping my Psoriasis at bay

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now on my elbows and arms. It's definitely stopping it from getting any worse. I'll keep going with it to see if it reduces my Psoriasis any. Will review again in a month

Working well for me

I have a very sensitive scalp and for many years have tried a great many shampoos which promise relief. All to no avail. I saw your shampoo on Instagram and read the positive reviews but more importantly what you yourselves say, in particular the possibility some of the other shampoos available might adversely affect other areas of one's skin - in my case the eyes. For many years I've had occasional outbreaks of extremely sore eyelids resulting in swollen eyes! No explanation to be found until your suggestion that shampoos might be the cause. Not only is my scalp significantly improved (thank you! Such a relief from constant irritation) but it leaves my hair soft and silky. Feels a little strange at first after years of shampoos which have an abundance of foam but the results have been very good indeed. I am on my second bottle. The conditioner is excellent too.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Geoff Stevenson (Swansea, GB)
Best on the market

I’ve tried everything for my dry scalp condition, with limited success. My wife found your product, which is hands down the best I’ve ever used. Can’t rate highly enough.

Rescue Cream - weightless repair + hydration
Helen O’Neill (Glasgow, GB)
It really works!!

My sons whole body was covered with eczema for the best part of last year and this year. I found this cream online and it has truly been a fantastic product. My sons skin is so much better. It has calmed it down and moisturised it. It has taken a couple of months of constant using this cream but compared to the other other creams you get from chemist this is so much better to use and it soaks into skin. Now the eczema is mostly gone we use it as a moisturising cream on a daily basis or whenever he needs it. It’s worth a try if you’ve tried lots of other products and had no joy.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Christine Ingham (Rochdale, GB)
Heaven sent

I bought this for a friend who has psoriasis and hadn't found anything that helped. But she loves this and will be ordering the full size when the sample pot runs out.

The Clear Skin Bundle - Save 15%
Yasmin Rashid (Waltham Cross, GB)
Very pleased

I bought the clear skin bundle and noticed a difference within a week of using the products. My skin is clearer and brighter. I love all the products I will definitely be using this going forward.

Tried sample first

When I had tried sample ordered large size. My eczema has greatly improved after using it for a few weeks. I no more have to use cortisone cream which is not good to use for too long. Thank you Thunderskin I will be ordering another big pot soon.

Lovely balm

Using this for my mastopexy scarring. It smoothes and melts effortlessly. Using twice a day for the past 2 weeks and there does appear to be an improvement.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Emma Macdonald (Barnsley, GB)
Excellent product

Been using this balm just over a week now seeing good results skin looks & feels good will definitely be buying again in future.

Give it a go!

Bought for my grandson who suffers with excema... Really helps and calms it making him much more comfortable.

Beautiful glow

Lovely texture. Great moisturiser


I have been using it a few weeks now, my skin is definitely looking better. Lovely texture, smooth.


Product was slightly smaller than i expected, but a little goes a long way (half a pump for full face and neck.) definitely noticed a difference in my skin :)
To anyone with dyed blonde hair just be careful because it can stain light hair i’ve found


Large product, smells nice and good texture. Really good as an oil based cleanser and my skin is significantly smoother :)

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Lis Parsons (Liverpool, GB)
Stick with it, it worked for me

I ordered a trial size of the rescue balm, and found it immediately soothing and cooling, so decided to order a full size. I ended up with 3 tins (I should know better than to try and order on my phone with my clumsy fingers), but it's taken a tin and a half to really have an effect on the rash on my arms. The redness is finally fading - some of it has been there for 2 years - but the heat and itching went a long time ago. I recommend sticking with the product if you feel an initial benefit. I've tried lots of other herb-based skincare, but this has worked the best. It's also not that expensive (cheaper than a prescription)

Very good moisturiser, but tricky in the tin

This goes on really well, you don’t need a lot and once it’s dried off it leaves my skin looking and feeling really smooth, full of moisture. It’s got a very mild natural smell which you don’t really notice. It probably does a better job than my go-to Clinique post shave moisturiser.

Only issue is that it is almost like a lotion consistency rather than the thick cream look in the photo which the tin struggles to contain when you’re opening it, especially if you’ve got wet hands and aren’t holding the tin 100% level.. I don’t think I’d travel with it for fear of it escaping. I wonder if a more tube-like tin would suit this better?