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Botanical Detox Bath Salts - soothe, cleanse, exfoliate + rejuvenates
calming bath salts for eczema and psoriasis
Botanical Detox Bath Salts - soothe, cleanse, exfoliate + rejuvenates
Botanical Detox Bath Salts - soothe, cleanse, exfoliate + rejuvenates

Botanical Detox Bath Salts - soothe, cleanse, exfoliate + rejuvenates

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    • Soothe, cleanse, exfoliate & rejuvenates all skin types
    • Helps to relieve eczema & psoriasis
    • Cools inflamed skin
    • Relieves itching
    • Helps to prevent moisture loss during bathing
    • No added fragrance
    • Includes a reusable organic muslin bag

    Why We Love It

    Restore and soothe your skin with our mineral rich botanical bath salts. The salts naturally draw out toxins, deeply cleanse, exfoliate and restore moisture. The organic, GMO free oats soothe irritated skin, add moisture and act as a natural anti-bacterial while the flower petals release their skin loving oils and calming scent.

    A weekly must for anyone, but especially important for those with damaged skin.

    See our recommendations for dealing with eczema and psoriasis here.

    Himalayan salts -naturally rich in 84 minerals, they bring down redness, exfoliate to reduce scaling, are antimicrobial and naturally calm to bring relaxation.

    Magnesium -helps to restore the skin's elasticity and prevent moisture loss. Calms to reduce redness, irritation, and reduces cortisol levels. Will absorb to help reduce a magnesium deficiency and imparts a distinct calming affect.

    Colloidal oatmeal -protects, improves the barrier function, and prevents TEWL. Soothes and promotes healing, helping the skin restore elasticity, texture, and tone.

    Flower petals -release their oils into the water to add antioxidants, enrich with vitamins, and soothe your skin and senses.


    Place a handful under running warm water or place inside the muslin bag and allow to dissolve. Immerse yourself for 20 minutes or more, gently exfoliating with a cloth before patting your skin dry and applying moisturiser to seal in the benefits.

    Use weekly and you will soon see the benefits!


    We prefer to invest in high quality ingredients, not packaging. Botanical Detox Bath Salts come in a wax lined kraft paper bag which can be used to fill a sterilised container of your choice and include a reusable organic muslin bag. There is no outer box as while we appreciate this looks lovely, it will at best go straight to recycling and therefore we deem it unnecessary.


    maris sal, magnesium sulfate, avena sativa (oat) kernel flour, chamomilla recutita flower, lavandula angustifolia flower, rosa centifolia

    Why We Love It

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 81 reviews

    This is not a quick fix, but with commitment and regular use, I have seen great improvement in 80% of my skin problem. The back of my hands is taking longer because of the frequent washing and sanitising we all have to do these days.

    denise marsh (Scunthorpe, GB)
    Didn't help with my skin condition unfortunately

    Not for me

    Saz (Leeds, GB)
    Skin is improving!

    When the rescue balm arrived I was skeptical, it just looked like blended mushrooms. My skin has much improved though and is much softer however I am still scratching at night but not as much as usual. I will persevere with it. I keep the tin in a drawer in a cool room as it seems to melt if not but you can put it in the fridge. As I said hoping that my perseverance will pay off......

    Carol Black (Birmingham, GB)

    Absolutely brilliant

    Munchkin Stacey (Wolverhampton, GB)
    Miracle Cream!

    I bought this balm after seeing the amazing reviews. I didn't have high hopes as I've tried many different creams for my psoriasis which haven't worked.
    Well this balm is a miracle!! I haven't even used it everyday and the difference in my psoriasis is huge! It's not sore and itchy anymore! Even the skin feels thinner! I've had the balm less than a month and the results are amazing!
    I highly recommend this balm if you have psoriasis.

    Customerpauline kitching (Pickering, GB)

    Too early to tell will review later.

    Valerie Morris (Trowbridge, GB)
    Super Cream

    I tried several creams, but nothing worked. This one worked almost straight away. I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing Val Morris

    Sharon Hardy (Ascot, GB)
    Just brilliant!

    I don't normally write reviews, but this product definitely deserves one! I've had an intensely itchy rash on my arms for almost 3 years. My GP seems to have given up on it, and I've had lots of things prescribed, which haven't worked. I started with the Rescue Balm, then tried the Rescue Cream, as it's not so greasy. Both products eased my rash within a few days, and as long as I keep using it, the rash seems to stay away! This stuff should be available on prescription!!!

    Yvonne Macfarlane (Barrhead, GB)
    It's keeping my Psoriasis at bay

    I've been using this for a couple of weeks now on my elbows and arms. It's definitely stopping it from getting any worse. I'll keep going with it to see if it reduces my Psoriasis any. Will review again in a month

    Geoff Stevenson (Swansea, GB)
    Best on the market

    I’ve tried everything for my dry scalp condition, with limited success. My wife found your product, which is hands down the best I’ve ever used. Can’t rate highly enough.