Managing seasonal changes

Managing seasonal changes

Spring is here

and with it come new challenges for your skin.

Our email and DMs are filling up with those of you seeking advice for the sudden changes your skin is facing. I'm here to tell you:-


📣 Seasonal changes are normal! You may find your skin is drier (us ✋🏽), it may be oilier with new breakouts or it may be suddenly irritated from the flush of pollen and dust.


Now is the time to get ahead with your routine to keep these challenges to a minimum. We've got you with some simple swaps and changes.


Dry Skin - If you're finding your skin drier and more prone to irritation, opt for an oil based moisturiser such as Rescue Balm or Wild Crafted Repair Cream to seal moisture in and irritants out. With drier, dustier weather and an increase in pollen, it becomes triply important to only apply your moisturiser to clean skin. This can mean rinsing with water before each application to ensure you aren't sealing irritants against your skin.

Oily Skin - If your skin responds to the new weather by increasing sebum production (oilier skin), the last thing you want to do is try to dry it out. This will only stress your skin and its response will be to produce more oil!

Instead, try a nourishing moisturiser such as our Rosehip & Centella Face Serum to rebalance your skin. Cleansing with an oil based cleanser such as our pH balanced Enzymatic Cleansing Balm will breakdown the existing oil without stripping your mantle and instantly sending your skin into oil producing overdrive.

Breakouts - If this is you, I know you aren't skipping the nightly cleanse but are you washing in the morning? Our skin gets surprisingly dirty overnight so its important to give it a gentle wash as your first step in the morning otherwise you're just sealing grime in. Our Cleansing Bars are perfect for this and won't leave your skin feeling dry and tight.

To get to the root of the problem, you can't go wrong with our AHA+BHA Mask & Polish with gentle salicylic and lactic acids to deeply decongest pores. Add in a splash of our Cactus & Rosewater Prebiotic Tonic every morning and you're well on your way to balanced, clear skin.

If your skin responds to challenges with breakouts, avoid the temptation to skip the moisturiser. As with oily skin, this will actually worsen the problem instead of helping. You can again opt for our Serum or try a drier oil with acne busting retinol such as our HA+Bakuchiol 1% & Niacinamide 2% to give nourishing moisture without overwhelming your skin.

Lastly, remember to be kind to your skin and give any changes you make time to take effect. Its hard to accept that we can't always get the overnight transformation we crave, but gentle patience is the trick to healthy, glowing skin x




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