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Our Story

 Listen to our BBC Radio interview discussing our struggle to manage  George's eczema and how it lead to the creation of our Rescue Balm.



I am Susie, an indigenous whole foods chef turned chemist with a passion for skincare and founder of Thunderbird Skin.

My son, George, has suffered from debilitating eczema since he was born. The dry, hot Southern California climate made us forget it existed but a return to the UK in 2015 left him looking like his skin was melting off, suffering constant infections, and sapping him of his confidence and ability to enjoy his life.

Despite faithfully using every cream, soap, and steroid prescribed, despite purchasing every wonder cream and oil on the market, we never saw an improvement in his skin. Instead, it continued to deteriorate.

After a dermatologist told him his skin was just the luck of the draw with nothing to be done, shortly followed by his nearly being hospitalised for a severe infection that had to be monitored for septicaemia, I knew something had to change.

A sleepless night of googling the ingredients in the dozens of discarded containers in George’s room showed that most of these products are water, liquid plastics, petrochemicals, and feel enhancers and irritating perfumes that have no ability to improve your skin. At worse, they're irritants that will only facilitate the further break down of your skin. In short, they are made to look and feel how a consumer expects and not to nourish or protect your skin. This included vegan and so called clean natural brands (news flash - natural does not always equal better). Most of the natural brands were just cheap butters, a wax, and some fragrance at 20 times markup.

To say I was shocked is an understatement.

I had been crafting my own skin and hair care for years so already had a solid vision of what I needed to do. It had simply never occurred to me before that what the physicians were prescribing wasn't the best treatment available for George's skin.

So, the research began.

I slowly combined a list of ingredients that I felt had the power to soothe, calm, moisturise, and stimulate renewal. This included ingredients normally only found in higher end face creams (after all, skin is skin). Then came the process of seeing which ones worked, at what percentages, and the arduous task of coaxing them into a stable formulation (where my training as chef has been invaluable). I fed George a steady stream of creams to try and will always remember the morning he ran down the stairs to show us his arms.

Clear, elastic, eczema free skin. After 6 weeks, even his dishydrotic eczema that had left his hands a swollen, weeping, painful mess was gone. I knew we had our cream!

eczema healing relief transformation eczema healing relief transformation eczema healing relief transformation
George's transformation in just a few weeks with our Rescue Balm

Soon friends were asking to try George’s balm and experiencing the same results. Thunderbird Skin was born.

Just as in my professional kitchens, provenance is at the forefront of everything we do.

Every ingredient in every formulations has been carefully thought out and included for a reason. It is there because its effective, sustainable, and we always use an efficacious amount. Unlike other brands, we never “fairy dust” our labels!

Our formulations are potent and because of that they are effective and you won’t have to wait long to see the results.