Our Story

 Listen to our BBC Radio interview discussing our struggle to manage  George's eczema and how it lead to the creation of our Rescue Balm.

Thunderbird Skin was founded by Susie and George in 2019 in response to our struggles with severe eczema. No miracle cream we bought or were prescribed nor expensive trips to the dermatologist offered any relief. At its height, George looked as though he'd had acid poured over his body with raw, weaping skin head to toe. After pouring over the ingredient lists of over a dozen discarded creams in his bedroom (many vegan, marketed as clean products or physician prescribed), Susie realised they could only inflame due to fragrances, a reliance on petrochemicals, and/or microplastics. They simply aren’t made to do anything other than look, feel, and smell nice!

As an award winning natural foods chef who made her own skincare, Susie knew she could do better.

So she did.

After much research and many discarded formulations, George had normal, elastic skin for the first time in 18 years. Friends and family were soon trying their creams with the same results and Thunderbird Skin was born.

eczema healing relief transformation eczema healing relief transformation eczema healing relief transformation
George's transformation in just a few weeks with our Rescue Balm

Thunderbird Skin is a truly all natural, family owned skincare company with provenance, sustainability, and the integrity of our formulations at the forefront of everything we do. Our products are packed full of potent hero botanicals and never watered down, allowing you to feel and see results from as soon as the first use. Absolutely no fillers, petrochemicals, microplastics, or synthetic fragrances make their way into any of our formulations. Essential oils, where used, are there for their skin loving abilities and not scent. We do our utmost to keep packaging and outter plastics to a bare minimum.

Natural. Vegan. Cruelty free. Sustainable.

Utilising the power of clinically proven botanicals to soothe, promote healing, and supercharge your skin's regeneration process. Our promise to you is to only use active, clean ingredients that you can trust.

Whether you are here because of your own skin difficulties or simply because you're seeking a more natural way to pamper your skin and hair, we hope you try our products and experience first hand what ditching chemicals can do for you.