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AHA+BHA Mask & Polish - exfoliate + clear skin
AHA+BHA Mask & Polish - exfoliate + clear skin
AHA+BHA Mask & Polish - exfoliate + clear skin
Gentle facial cleanser anti ageing

AHA+BHA Mask & Polish - exfoliate + clear skin

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  • Quickly resolves and prevents acne
  • Alpha (10%) & Beta Hydroxy (3%) + Malic acids smooth, tone, and reduce pore size
  • Moroccan Ghassoul & Australian pink clays decongest pores, detoxify, firm & reduce inflammation and redness
  • Instantly reveals a smoother, brighter, glowing complexion
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Waterless formula for two times the uses!

Why we love it

Powerful yet gentle on your skin, this elegant polisher uses 3% Beta Hydroxy Acid to permeate deep into the dermis to lift impurities and diminish pores, with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid to exfoliate, release dead skin cells and encourage your skin's renewal process.

Moroccan Ghassoul and Australian pink clays clear pore congestion; detoxifying, reducing inflammation and brightening your complexion. Your skin will immediately feel firmer and hydrated with reduced pores revealing a smoother, brighter, instantly glowing complexion.

Quickly resolves and prevents acne and safe for use on sensitive skin.

Unlike other exfoliants on the market, we don't cut corners by using rough particles to physically scrub your skin which ultimately results in premature ageing. Instead, we utilise the power of natural acids to cleanse, polish, renew and regenerate your skin which results in tighter pores, diminished blemishes, and smoother, younger-looking skin.

Moroccan Ghassoul clay -gently cleanses, absorbs excess oil and impurities. Tones and firms the skin, leaving it soft and moisturised.

Australian pink clay -powerhouse ingredient that detoxifies, decongests pores, calms redness and clears acne.

Alpha hydroxy acid -encourages your skin's natural shedding process and lifts away dead skin cells without drying out your skin. Smoothes skin and evens tone.

Beta hydroxy acid -penetrates deep within the pores to clear and prevent blemishes. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties & very gentle on your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar -anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and balances your skin's pH. Exfoliating properties through its malic acid, it also loosens dead skin cells.

Allantoin -a calming karolytic, softens keratin to promote rapid healing and binding of moisture.

Sodium Bicarbonate -a mild exfoliant that neutralises acid and is a powerhouse against blackheads and pimples, as well as evening skin tone.


To use as a polish, smooth over wet skin, avoiding the area around your eyes. Gently rub in small, upward circles for 60 -90 seconds before rinsing with cool water.

To use as a mask, mix with a little water before painting your face, avoiding the area around the eyes, with enough product to visibly coat your skin. Leave to dry for 15 minutes before rinsing off with cool water.

For best results, use up to 3 times a week and immediately follow with our Rosehip & Centella Face Serum for a hit of Vitamin C, natural retinol, and Marine Algae.

Sample Routine


1. Quickly wash off the night using a Cleansing Bar and cool water.

2. Tone with a few drops of Cactus & Rosewater Prebiotic Tonic.

3. Apply HA+Rosehip & Centella Day Cream to face, neck, and chest.

4. Apply SPF of choice (for best results, never use a combination moisturiser and SPF. The ingredients do not combine and they should be kept seperate) followed by makeup, if any.


1. Two nights a week (you can work up to every other night as we do), exfoliate with AHA+BHA Mask & Polish for 90 seconds. One night a week, apply as a 15 minute mask. Rinse clear after applying.

2. Splash cool water over face & massage in Enzymatic Cleansing Balm for 90 seconds before rinsing clean with cool water.

3. Pat face dry and apply HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream three nights a week and up to nightly. This can be used to spot treat the area around the eyes and lips or do as we do and use it over face, neck, and chest.

4. Apply a few drops of Rosehip & Centella Face Serum to face, neck, and chest and wake up to a gorgeous glow.

5. For dry skin, apply a pea size amount of Wild Crafted Repair Cream for intense moisture and plumping.


We prefer to invest in high quality ingredients, not packaging. AHA+BHA Mask & Polish comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid. There is no outer box as while we appreciate this looks lovely, it will at best go straight to recycling and therefore we deem it unnecessary.


Moroccan lava clay, illite, kaolin, sodium bicarbonate, vinegar (apple cider), glycerin, lactic acid (10%), salicylic acid (3%), allantoin, xanthomonas campestris (xanthan) gum, *pelargonium roseum leaf oil, *citrus sinensis (blood orange) peel oil, *linalool, geraniol, d-limonene naturally occurring

Why We Love It

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Serunjonji (Folkestone, GB)

This is the best mask/polisher I have used which is very good. I have sensitive skin but it doesn’t irritate me. My face has brightened within two weeks and pigmentation is clearing, combined with the moisturiser it’s making wonders and my face is glowing. This review is genuine am not paid to do it. So this company is producing nice products, they’re worthy trying. Am happy with the results. Please don’t change the formulation of the product. Am going to order for anti-aging cream.

Emma Cain

This is truly amazing! It had transformed my skin within 4-5 usage! I have sensitive, dry skin but prone to huge breakouts of adult acne. I have been on tablets for acne but they’ve really dried out my skin. Since issuing this 3 days a week I have stopped my tablets and my skin is glowing! I absolutely love it and cannot believe how well it has/is working! Thank you so much.

Emily Hare (Nottingham, GB)
Slightly astringent

I'm not sure i'm 100% convinced I would purchase this again (mainly the scent which I'm not mad about), but it is lovely and toning for the skin.

Talya Bendon (Essex, GB)
Little miracle

This little miracle in a bootle smooths the skin and gets rid of fine lines which a lot of products claim to do but this I use even though I have eczema on my face and no irritation what so ever like I said a little miracle

Tamra H (Hersham, GB)

I'll admit I never bother with toners so can't really compare this to anything. I got it because it came with the kit. This and the clay mask have probably made the biggest difference to my skin. I think its the higher level of niacinamide in this (or the cactus?), but it really packs a punch and I probably saw the biggest improvement in texture and tone from this. Its fragrance free and not the best smelling product, but its scentless once dry and trust me, you want this on your skin.

Tamra H (Hersham, GB)
new to acids

I'm new to acid exfoliation so admit to being very nervous trying this product. I got a sample first and wished I went for the bigger one straight away! Holy cow the difference after one wash. A week later I had baby skin. How is this product not super famous?!!!!

Tamra H (Hersham, GB)
does what it says

This is a gorgeous serum that works as a moisturizer too. Light but effective, it really does leave a glow straight away. I mix it with Tan Lux and don't bother with concealer.

Ali (Tromsdalen, NO)

Words cannot convey how much i love this mask! Please never change it. My acne was less red and smaller the next morning. It was gone in a week!! I can't believe how smoother my skin was and I think it makes the moisturisers work better. I really love your products. They just work for my sensitive skin and teh colours and textures make them so much fun to use. Thank you thank you thank you. So glad I clicked your ads!!!!!

Ali (London, GB)
love it

I love this serum. It’s been great for my super sensitive breakout prone skin. It goes on light but works all day on its own in summer. This winter, I’ve added the repair cream over the top and wow! My skin has never looked this good

Karron Charlton (Hexham, GB)

Was always an Estee Girl and nothing could come close, But yes this exceeded,
My skin (although on the older side) feels fresh after use, Recommend this product all day long