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Age: 40 to 60 years old
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Tone: Tanned
Unique and effective cleanser

Fabulous exfoliating and moisturizing cleanser,
That manages to thoroughly cleanse without stripping, as well as exfoliate, and moisturize.
What a hard act to follow!!!

Body Butter - rich whipped moisturiser
Julie Waldron (Calgary, CA)
Age: 40 to 60 years old
Skin Type: Mature
Skin Tone: Tanned

I think it might be nice, but I received a product that was lumpy and didn’t spread well at all. I think it froze in shipping. I gently warmed it and whipped it up which made it smooth again but still didn’t apply nicely. Smells nice.

Age: 25 to 39 years old
Skin Type: Sensitive, easily irritated, Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc)
Skin Tone: Pale
Mini sample

I've been suffering with my skin for years now since becoming pregnant and nothing I've used has helped so thought I would try a sample pot of the rescue balm to see if it makes any difference before I purchased a full size product. At that moment I have no idea what's wrong with my skin except I have psoriasis and rosacea and spots so didn't know if it would work and currently it hasn't but I do know it states that it might take a while to see a difference and they may not be enough product in the sample. I don't think I would buy a full size as I haven't noticed even a little difference currently in my skin.

Age: 25 to 39 years old
Skin Type: Sensitive, easily irritated, Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc)
Skin Tone: Pale
Shampoo and conditioner

I have suffered with an itchy scalp and dandruff for years and my current shampoo and conditioner wasn't working so thought I'd try something else. I have to say although my hair feels lovely and a lot softer since using both the shampoo and conditioner that my head is still itchy and my dandruff is worse than before so I won't buy this product again.

Hi Lucy, we are happy to hear our shampoo and conditioner improved your hair, though are sorry to hear you're still struggling with itchiness and dandruff still. What it sounds like is that your scalp needs a bit of moisture! For this, we recommend rubbing the Rescue Balm into your scalp and leaving it over night before washing it out in the morning with the Shampoo and Conditioner. I personally find conditioning from root to ends before shampooing is also highly beneficial to my scalp's health.

The dandruff getting worse can also be a sign of healing. So many people with dry skin conditions bounce between products because they assume a natural art of the healing process is actually their condition getting worse. As your skin, scalp in your instance, heals, the body starts to purge the unhealthy skin. This causes it to flake off and does look like your skin is getting drier. If this is happening with your scalp, then trying gently massaging your scalp with your finger tips and the Rescue Balm to help loosen off the dead skin prior to washing. We love to help and are always happy to answer questions through our email,

The Team xx

Body Butter - rich whipped moisturiser
Anonymous (Dorchester, GB)
Age: 40 to 60 years old
Skin Type: Sensitive, easily irritated, Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc)
Skin Tone: Medium
Vanilla Scented Loveliness!

This cream is gorgeous. Nourishing but not greasy and has a delicious vanilla fragrance. I use it on my psoriasis and as a body moisturiser. It also makes a soothing after sun cream. Lasts well too. Highly recommended!

Trial Size Minis - from £2.95 each
Andrew Gale (Luton, GB)
Age: 40 to 60 years old
Skin Type: Sensitive, easily irritated
Skin Tone: Medium
Great Idea.

As many have already said the trial size mini's are a great way to try out a product before you buy a larger size? I think more companies should do this, it would save people money.


This is the best mask/polisher I have used which is very good. I have sensitive skin but it doesn’t irritate me. My face has brightened within two weeks and pigmentation is clearing, combined with the moisturiser it’s making wonders and my face is glowing. This review is genuine am not paid to do it. So this company is producing nice products, they’re worthy trying. Am happy with the results. Please don’t change the formulation of the product. Am going to order for anti-aging cream.


Very good moisturiser, it has brightened my face. I have just used for two weeks but I like the way my face is glowing. Pigmentation is clearing. Please don’t change the formulation. Thanks.

Rescue Cream - weightless repair + hydration
Jane from Dartmoor (Plymouth, GB)

The Rescue Cream is deceptively lightweight and has been unbelievably effective from the first use. I had a large nasty patch of eczema on my hand which was not responding to the usual treatments - most of them were making it much worse and it became painful and itchy. Since using the rescue cream my skin has improved over a very short period of time using it only in the morning and then again before bed. I am so impressed and will highly recommend it. Thanks Thunderbird Skin.


Dear Thunderbird Skin,
You have changed my life. My day consist of constantly itching (sometimes even until it bleeds) leaving dry and sore patches all over my side, back and arms. After trying various kinds of skincare products from the cheap to the expensive ones (that so called "will definitely help), and even prescribed ointments, Rescue Balm is the only one that relieves en sootjes my skin. After applying I am itch-free for a full day! I have placed my second order, even for family members. I am sure that there will follow many more orders :-)
Sending a big thank you and love alle the way from The Hague, Holland

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Lindelwa Guma (Winnipeg, CA)

My skin improved after using rescue balm. I am extremely grateful for the product

Just lovely

I have started swapping this cream with my usual night cream on alternate nights, but am going to start just using this one - my skin feels so soft in the morning and looks calm and healthy. I have very sensitive menopausal skin and it is so good for it. It has a lovely relaxing scent, which I presume is the tansy, and although it seems quite oily at first, it sinks in very quickly. I love the effects of niacinimide and centella asiatica, which are in this product, and am pleased to find that I don't react the the vitamin c, which I have done in the past. Will definitely buy again, though it is a nice big jar and you don't need very much, so I should think it will last a long time.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Susan Hogan (Nottingham, GB)

Bought this for my granddaughter and the result after a short time is amazing from very red sore patches of eczema to very faded and healed skin wish I would of taken pictures of before and after


This is truly amazing! It had transformed my skin within 4-5 usage! I have sensitive, dry skin but prone to huge breakouts of adult acne. I have been on tablets for acne but they’ve really dried out my skin. Since issuing this 3 days a week I have stopped my tablets and my skin is glowing! I absolutely love it and cannot believe how well it has/is working! Thank you so much.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Melita Nicholls (Norwich, GB)

Very pleased with the rescue Balm. It will not cure my Palma Plantar Pustulosis but really
helps with the soreness and itching. much better than using steroid ointments. Have just
purchased my second pot. Thank you so much.

HA+Bio Retinol 1% & Niacinamide 2% Anti Ageing Cream
Tutti Borsdorf (Stow on the Wold, GB)
Glad I have tried this

I am genuinely happy with all three creams I have ordered and have been using for about 4 weeks now. My. 73 year old skin is beginning to look better with every day that goes by which is lovely to see and I will continue using these products in future. Customer Service in this organisation is second to none. So what’s not to like


I have suffered with psoriasis since a young age, using all sorts of prescribed and non prescribed moisturiser to try and clear. I have very little psoriasis left which has been persistent in going with any product I use. Since starting using thunderbird I have noticed a considerable difference in the patches I have left, to the point they are barely noticeable! I would highly recommend this product.

Trial Size Minis - from £2.95 each
Karen Ashby (Nottingham, GB)
Great trial sizes

Wish more companies would do trial sizes it would have saved me so much money. Delivery was really quick. The balm goes a long way and causes no irritation on my sensitive skin. The area of concern I’m using it on is actually clearing up quite nicely.


This stuff is incredible. I was having to use my steroid cream every day. Now I don't use it at all. I could see a difference after about 3 days but I could feel a difference immediately. Soothed the itch and hydrated so well. I actually prefer the cream to the balm but I use both. Honestly works.

More helpful than any other psoriasis treatment

Posting on behalf of mother who I purchased this product for. My mother had a 2” x 3” patch on the bottom of her palm that has been there for years in various severities. She’s had phototherapy, steroids, the works. It was at its reddest and worst when she started on this product, very red with thick plaques, emerging blisters, and sore cracks from its position on the palm.

Within a few months it was almost healed - still a bit red, but plaques gone. The moisture allowed it to heal without cracking again. My own psoriasis has returned so I will be purchasing some.

Pictures show retreat of size after a couple of months.

My skin loves this!!!

I have just purchased the Rescue Balm, Recue Cream and Repair Cream and i am very impressed. It feels amazing, so soothing! It's stopping the itching, dryness and the redness on my skin.
The service i recieved was excellent, fast and efficient!
Will definitely be buying more soon

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Richard Walker (Haslingden, GB)

This is the first time I've purchased this product and so far I am very happy with it, I do suffer with hard dry skin but this is working brilliantly

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
suzanne leach (Windsor, CA)
Skin Rescue

I am using it on my psoriasis. It is helping to hydrate the skin.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Gail Freeman (Canberra, AU)

This product is nothing short of amazing. I have bought so many products but the balm, cream and body butter are sensational. My eczema is under control for the first tiem ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rescue Balm - intensive repair + hydration
Neil Bushop (Borehamwood, GB)

Had no effect on my psriosis