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The Eczema Relief Bundle - Save 15%
The Eczema Relief Bundle - Save 15%
The Eczema Relief Bundle - Save 15%

The Eczema Relief Bundle - Save 15%

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Automatically save 15% and get everything you need to put you on the path to healthy skin (and keep you there!). This Bundle includes one of each of the following:-

  • 100ml Rescue Balm -for intense treatment and repair. Apply to clean skin before bed or any time you require immediate relief.
  • 250ml Rescue Cream -use in the morning for all day moisture and repair with no oily residue.
  • 60ml Wild Crafted Repair Cream -repairs and renews damaged facial skin. Apply a pea size amount to face, neck and chest morning and night.
  • 250g Botanical Detox Salts -use weekly in the bath to exfoliate plaques, soothe, and for anti microbial properties.
  • Soothe Cleansing Bar -natural oatmeal soap to cleanse without irritating or stripping moisture.

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Customer Reviews

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Kerri Walster (Walthamstow, GB)

Bought for my 11 week old daughter for dry skin on her face and baby acne and cleared it right up. Rubs in nicely and easily.

Ann Moum (Orangeville, CA)
I’m amazed

I applied according to directions at night and couldn’t believe my skin in the morning. Gone we’re the scaly bits, the redness and I hadn’t scratched all night. I left some with my son in The Yukon as he’s inherited the dreaded eczema. Thanks so much.


I’ve been using for around a week and so far so good. Cheeks are slightly less red and skin is in good condition, only not given 5 stars as it’s a little greasy when you apply. Great value as you only need a very small amount to cover face.

Phillipa Doyle (Liverpool, GB)

I have really bad psoriasis on my hands which use to get sore and crack flake and bleed. I tried alkinds of creams and balms and they would only work for a week or so then go back to cracking flaking and bleeding again. I seen this advertised and thought I would give it a go seen as I've used everything else and within 3 days of using it my psoriasis had started to clear up and I don't have any soreness anymore. I've been using this for 9 days now and my hands are almost healed

Lauryn Shaw (Carrickfergus, GB)
Love it

My son has eczema and everything the doctors give him had no affect or just made his skin worse. Until we tried this rescue balm and within a matter of days his skin was basically clear. I use this on him twice a day and swear by it I have recommended it to other people as well.

Sharon Marriott (Swadlincote, GB)
Helping my psoriasis

I ordered this out of desperation to hope to get some relief from the itching and dryness of my severe psoriasis. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and certainly not disappointed, it’s helping to soothe my skin. A small amount covers a large area and best of all it’s not greasy unlike some of the prescribed creams I’m given. I will certainly be buying more and recommending this to other sufferers.

Karen Power (Herne Bay, GB)

I have tried many creams and all of them have worsened the situation. My skin is so sensitive anything I applied, from the cheapest to very expensive, immediately made my face sore, redder and more uncomfortable

This is the first cream that has not given me a reaction. Some red patches have actually visibly improved and those that haven't are immediately soothed when I use this cream which is a welcome relief. I have used it for just a week but have ordered some for my brother in law. I would definitely reccomend this

Susan Walls (Dumfries, GB)
helped my four year olds eczema

I was at my wits end with my four year old daughter's skin. She has had eczema since birth which flares up then settles, but never really goes away. We had been using a paraffin based prescription lotion but it no longer seemed to be helping, and in fact seemed to be causing her discomfort when I applied it. She would cry because it was stinging, I would cry because I felt responsible for hurting her. Willing to try anything, I stumbled across this Rescue Balm online. We bought the trial size initially and I didn't even have time to take a before and after photo, the difference it made to the crooks of her elbows and the rest of her arms was amazing. Her legs are taking a bit longer to heal, but I am confident that during the school holidays when I can apply the balm more regularly they will follow suit. She doesn't cry when I apply it, and she says her skin feels happier which is a great result. I'm so pleased I found this product and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It is expensive, but a little does go a long way.

Gen (Cobham, GB)
3yo eczema

My three year old has been on a gluten free diet since 8 months old due to his skin, but he still gets flare ups of eczema on the back of his knees and the inside of his elbows from time to time, which he will scratch until red raw. This cream restores his skin to perfection. Thank you!

Samia Mazid by (Ilford, GB)
Better than my prescribed creams

I have suffered from psoriasis for more than 20 years, and tried this amongst many other things after a recent flare up. My skin is noticeably less flaky and unlike all the prescribed creams from the doctor, is very soothing so helps with the itching. It is not cured as my case is very severe and I have only been using it for a month, but I will continue to use it as I am hopeful!